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  • Double-roll Crusher
  • Double-roll Crusher
  • Double-roll Crusher
  • Double-roll Crusher
  • Double-roll Crusher
  • Double-roll Crusher
  • Double-roll Crusher
  • Double-roll Crusher

Double-roll Crusher

Double-roll crusher is also called two-roll crusher and double-roll sand maker. It utilizes two sets of motor to drive roller shaft to squeeze and grind materials. Double-roll crusher is suitable to crush various stones. 

Inlet Size <150mm Output Capacity 2-140t/h Outlet Size 2-50mm
Materials Coke, coal, gangue, pebbles, calcite, quartz, glass, marble, bentonite, bluestone, steel slag, limestone, sand, granite, basalt.
Application Beneficiation, chemistry, cement, building materials and other industrial sectors.   

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Double-roll CrusherProduct Introduction

Working Principle of Double-roll Crusher

Double-roll crusher is representative product manufactured by Taida Group. With more than 30 years’ experience, Taida has acquired patent technology on roller skin characterized by durable performance. Taida Group is located in Henan province. There are many models in stock all year.
Double roll crusher holds wide application range. It is suitable to crush various crispy materials. With large inlet size, its outlet size can be adjustable. At present, Taida double-roll crusher has applied to deal with more than one hundred materials. For example, in coal industry, double roll crusher can be used without pre-gangue process. Coal selection process is greatly simplified. Through adopting stainless steel plate, it can be used to deal with bean, crop and fertilizer machines.
Equipment configuration can be chosen according to customer’s real situation. Pressure support can use strong spring or hydraulic device. Power can use electric engine, explosion-proof motor or diesel engine. Meanwhile, with automatic lubrication device, double roll crusher can do mobile work. 

 Characteristics of Taida double-roll crusher 

Small-model double-roll crusher 
Meet small output capacity of university, R&D institution and lab. 

Mobile double-roll crusher 
Can adopt diesel engine; can work portably. 

Export double-roll crusher 
We have gained patent technology, can also use stainless steel texture. 

Large –scale double-roll crusher 
Adopt transmission shaft for driving; with automatic lubrication device. 


Taida Double-roll Crusher Delivery  

1200*1200 Double-roll crusher delivery

1000*1000 double-roll crusher delivery

Export 2PG1000×700 double-roll crusher

1200*140 double-roll crusher delivery

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Double-roll CrusherTechnical Parameter

Model  Inlet Size (mm) Outlet Size (mm) Output Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (Kw) Weight (t) Overall Dimensions (mm)
2PG400×250 <35 ≤2-8 2-10 2×5.5 1.3 2150×980×800
2PG400×250 <35 ≤2-8 2-12 2×7.5 2.3 2360×1100×800
2PG400×250 <65 ≤2-20 5-20 2×15 3.9 3510×1420×1030
2PG400×250 <75 ≤2-25 10-40 2×18.5 9.5 4210×1630×1260
2PG400×250 <80 ≤2-25 12-45 2×22 10.8 4505×1780×1320
2PG400×250 <100 ≤3-30 20-65 2×30 14.9 5310×2175×1595
2PG400×250 <120 ≤3-35 35-80 2×37 25.5 6290×980×800
2PG400×250 <130 ≤3-45 50-120 2×75 33.7 7460×2410×2290
2PG400×250 <150 ≤3-50 30-140 2×90 41.2 8220×2680×2475