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Profit Analysis for Double-roll Crusher

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Profit Analysis for Double-roll Crusher

Update Time::2018-09-18

 double-roll crusher

Profit analysis for double-roll crusher. Double-roll crusher is one of the roller type crusher. It is mainly applied to crushing sand and stone. Taida crusher is characterized by small volume, large crushing ratio, low noise, simple structure and convenient maintenance. Final crushed products hold even granularities. With over-load protection, Taida double-roll crusher holds reliable performance. It is suitable to be applied to coal, metallurgy, mining, chemical and building material industries for large-scale coal mine or coal preparation plants. Taida double-roll crusher holds large crushing capacity. There is one special hydraulic coupling installed between motor and reducer in order to prevent overload. Roller distance is adjusted by hydraulic pressure and gear roller bearing is lubricated intensively. Gear shape is designed optimally, which will realize high efficiency, low energy consumption and uniform discharged granularity. Before purchasing double-roll crusher, customers should not only choose proper model, but also choose good marketing channel.