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  • Four-roll Crusher
  • Four-roll Crusher
  • Four-roll Crusher
  • Four-roll Crusher
  • Four-roll Crusher
  • Four-roll Crusher
  • Four-roll Crusher
  • Four-roll Crusher

Four-roll Crusher

Four-roll crusher is a kind of new product which is developed from double-roll crusher and double-teeth roll crusher. It absorbs advantages of both double-roll crusher and double-gear crusher. It is suitable to crush work whose compressive strength is lower than 200Mpa. 
Inlet Size ≤90mm Output Capacity 2-500t/h Outlet Size 0.1-50mm
Materials Coke, fertilizer, petroleum coke, glass tube, stone, limestone, feldspar, water residue, gypsum, clay, salt.
Application Mining industry ; ceramic industry; thermal power plant; cement factory; building materials manufacturing.

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Four-roll CrusherProduct Introduction

four-roll crusher

Four-roll crusher

Four-roll crusher is patent product researched and developed by Taida technical department. According to real demand, four roll surface can use overlaying roller surface, smooth roller surface or gear roller surface. Roller surface can combine with each other according to required particles. At present, four-roll crusher has been well applied to Lincoln electrical appliance in America, Jiangsu Coking Group and other relevant enterprises.
Four-roll crusher utilizes four high-strength and abrasion resistant crushing roll (Taida roll skin adopts national patent texture). Materials will be crushed by shearing force and squeezing force produced from rotation. After materials will enter gaps between rollers (V type crushing cavity), under the shear and squeezing function of rotation, materials will be squeezed primarily. Then, coarse crushing. After process above, materials will enter roller at lower part, materials will be repeatedly processed as mentioned in the first set of roll. When particle size meets required demands, final products will be discharged from discharging port. 

Working principle of four-roll crusher 

Four roll crusher

1—feed inlet ;2—frame;3—pulley;4—bearing;5—cutting device;6—spring;7—roller; 8—coupling;9—reducer;10—motor;11—lubrication device;12—chain wheel

Taida four-roll crusher delivery

0404 four-roll crusher 

0806 four-roll crusher 

1212 four-roll crusher

1012 double-roll crusher

four-roll crusher manufacturer four-roll crusher four-roll crusher

four roll crusher manufacturer

Four-roll CrusherTechnical Parameter

Model  Inlet Size (mm) Outlet Size (mm) Output capacity (t/h) Motor (heavy-duty) (Kw) Protection Mode Transmission
4PG0404PT <20 0.1-10 2-30 7.5(11) 11(15) Spring  coupling or triangular belt 
4PG0605PT <40 0.1-15 5-60 22(30) 30(37)
4PG0806PT <40 0.1-20 8-90 30(37) 37(45)
4PG0809PT(Y) <60 0.1-20 12-120 37(45) 45(55) Spring or hydraulic 
4PG0812PT(Y) <60 0.1-20 20-180 45(55) 55(75)
4PG1012PT(Y) <80 0.1-30 30-220 55(75) 75(90)
4PG1212PT(Y) <90 0.1-40 45-320 75(90) 90(110)
4PG1216PT(Y) <90 0.1-50 55-400 90(110) 110(132)
4PG1218PT(Y) <90 0.1-50 70-500 110(132) 132(160)