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  • Double-teeth Roll Crusher
  • Double-teeth Roll Crusher
  • Double-teeth Roll Crusher
  • Double-teeth Roll Crusher
  • Double-teeth Roll Crusher
  • Double-teeth Roll Crusher
  • Double-teeth Roll Crusher
  • Double-teeth Roll Crusher

Double-teeth Roll Crusher

Similar with double-roll crusher, double-teeth roll crusher also utilizes two motors to drive rollers. Only difference is roller surface. One is gear surface while the other one is smooth surface. 

Inlet Size ≤1050mm  Output Capacity 30-500t/h Outlet Size 15-600mm
Materials Coke, coal, petroleum coke, glass tube, stone, limestone, feldspar, water slag, gypsum, clay, sandstone.
Application sintering, construction, cement, silicate, glass, ceramics industries.  

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Double-teeth Roll CrusherProduct Introduction


Working principle of double-teeth roll crusher

Double-teeth roll crusher (gear roll crusher) utilizes two sets of single-drive roller shaft. Through the extrusion force and ground shear force, double-gear roll crusher can carry out good work result. Shape and size of final products can be controlled by adjusting the gear shape and gap between gear roll. With more than 20 years’ production experience, Taida can manufacture more than a hundred of gear shapes. Spring adjustment device can be customized. Adjusting range of outlet size is large.
Working principle of double-teeth roll crusher is similar to that of double-roll crusher. When materials enter crushing cavity, with the function of rotary roll shaft, materials will be pushed to pass through rollers. Raw materials will be squeezed and sheared at the same time. Then, materials will be broken. Crushed small particles will be thrown out along gap between rollers. Materials whose size is over the gap will be crushed into small particles and be discharged out.
At present, double-teeth roll crusher has been applied by many famous enterprise in china. customers feedbacks are good. 

Characteristics of Taida double-roll crusher 

 Teeth plate 
Various type to meet customers' demands 

Mobile 2PG610×400 Double roll crusher 
Diesel engine drive, can work portably

Two 2PG1000×800 roll crusher 
Superior performance, cost effective, gain international market

Customized spring pressure support device 
Maximum outlet size can reach over 60cm. 

double-teeth roll crusher supplier

Taida double-teeth roll cruhser delivery 

1200*1200 double-teeth roll crusher

1000*1000 double-teeth roll  crusher 

Export 2PG1000×700 double-teeth roll crusher 

1200*140 Double-teeth roll crusher 

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double-teeth roll crusher supplier

Double-teeth Roll CrusherTechnical Parameter

Model Roller Diameter      (mm) Roller Length     (mm) Inlet Size   (mm) Output Size   (mm) Output          (t/h) Motor (Kw) Weight (kg) Overall Dimensions    (L×W×H)
2PGC450×500 450 500 200-500 15-100 30-60 5.5×2 3800 2260×2200×766
2PGC450×500 600 750 300-600 20-120 60-100 11×2 7200 2780×3065×1310
2PGC450×500 600 900 300-600 30-150 80-120 18.5×2 7800 4500×1900×1350
2PGC450×500 800 1050 500-800 30-150 100-160 22×2 12600 2550×2050×1100
2PGC450×500 900 900 600-900 30-200 150-200 22×2 13500 2780×4100×1550
2PGC450×500 1015 760 700-950 30-200 150-200 45×2 18800 7800×3200×1980
2PGC450×500 1200 1500 800-1050 30-200 200-300 55×2 52000 8010×4500×2050